Turnkey IT Projects

The time period decides the solution and in IT the technology can change overnight and bring drastic changes in the business process. With all parameters in consideration, a proper IT project which is turnkey can range from 10 years to 2 years. We take of every business via IT in turnkey solutions like systems in place for marketing & sales, customer handling, Operations, HR, Accounting. It also has become difficult for a company to manage data between multiple IT vendors who are providing different services and delay in business operations leads to only one thing i.e. loss, so to minimize the loss Awadh gives you turnkey IT project solutions under one umbrella.

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Why we are a fit for you?

Under one umbrella you get multiple solutions


UI/UX, Graphics, Business Model


Business Process, Technology, etc.


Front End, Back End, API, etc.


Performance, Functionality, Beta, Live Environment, etc.

Digital Marketing

SEO, SMM, PPC, etc.


Photography, Editing, Videos, etc.


Website, Software, Apps

Policy & Compliance

Drafting required documents ensuring minimum risk


Shared / Dedicated support staff

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