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Software development

We have been developing software for the past 5 years and Awadh development team loves software development work. With a strong team of developers, programmers, and engineers we create software to simplify your business process or to make an idea come to life.

We create:-

  1. Application Softwares
  2. Embedded Software (IoT)
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Web Application Development Lifecycle


To choose the approach (Agile, CMM, Waterfall, SAFe, RAD, DevOps)


User requirement documentation


Architecture finalisation & creation


Designing (Process & Models)






Tweaks & Bugs Handling




Data Migration (optional)


Support (Shared/Dedicated, optional)

By following the above process of software development it makes it easy for the client to undergo the process of transformation and achieve a proper IT solution via the software.


  1. Business process automations & ease (Sales, Marketing, HR, Accounting, Customer Support, Operations, Logistics, etc.)
  2. A brand new idea to provide solution of a problem
  3. Re-Creating from an older version

What makes our software the best

  1. Automation (Use of AI & Automated process where user has to do minimum work)
  2. Cloud-Native & Cloud-Based Development
  3. Reduction in need of coding
  4. Configuration & setting authority to users
  5. User roles & users management
  6. Multi OS compatible (Windows, MAC, Linux)
  7. Notification Systems
  8. SMS, Email, etc. Integrations
  9. Smooth user experience
  10. Related with the mobile app (in depth features are related to the mobile app to provide a seamless experience)
  11. Offline & Online Functions
  12. Fast loading & Easy Navigation
  13. Great error handling
  14. Soothing colour schemes
  15. Scalable (in every aspect)
  16. In-Built Analytics
  17. Regular updates
  18. Secure
  19. Reduced Data Redundancy
  20. Accelerated delivery process


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