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IT consultation

Is your IT not up to the mark or are you confused about what and how to proceed with your digital transformation journey? 

With more than 7 years of experience in IT consultation, Awadh excels in guiding you through the whole process & post-implementation work too. To gain proper traction and boost the growth of your company with IT solutions it is necessary that you take proper measures and steps, Awadh ensures that you do so with fast, reliable & cost-effective methods of application.

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Providing consultations for:-

  1. Business Transformation (Digital Transformation Journey)
  2. Strategy Making (Before Implementation)
  3. Project creation for sponsors or investors
  4. Technology Choosing & Assessment (which tech to use for better or best performance output)
  5. Start-Up Roadmap
  6. SaaS (Business Model Designing)
  7. CRM (Customer Relationship Management Process-flow)
  8. HRM (Human Resource Management Process-flow)
  9. MIS (Management Information System for the best analytics and reports)
  10. E-Commerce (Business Model Development)
  11. IoT (Process-Flow)

Process of consultation:-

  1. Problem Identification (identifying the problems with the current process of a business or future problems that can occur with the market change)
  2. Solutions with pro & cons (Analysing possible solutions with multiple parameters)
  3. Cost-effective (Modernisation of tech can come at a hefty price so it is important to choose right which can lead to lower costs in short as well as long runs).
  4. Application (Choosing the proper solution also requires a constant watch while application of the same and flexibility in changes while encountering live environment problems)
  5. Quality Check (After proper application of the solution a full system check is essential before making it LIVE)

Why we are a fit for you?

Consultation +1

IT consultation along with all types of IT solutions in-house


The solution has to be ready for changes and to adapt in time is what is required, we ensure that by making sure that the solution is scalable as well as flexible


Delivery of an IT solution is to be essentially on time and we ensure that

Ultimate Goal

Increment in business process or sales or reduction in business process cost is what we understand is the ultimate goal of IT solution.

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