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Is it tough to handle data of the important files for the company?
Is it becoming difficult to manage the company as the number of employees increases or while the company is developing?
Is it tough to keep a record and schedule everything?


Then the best choice is to get a communication app for your company!
A communication App is a platform that eases out management and helps a community or company to communicate easily and in less time and, hence helps to grow and develop.

Why should you have a communication app and what are the essentials?

1. News and Announcements

It is more efficient to have an employee app that serves as a hub for all the news and announcements of the company rather than writing emails, sending memos, or posting posters or flyers on the bulletin board.
It is more effective because the staff can access the information from anywhere and it’s more accessible than reading emails or the boards.

2. Events and Calendar

Managing events or planning meetings, webinars, holidays, or any other important date, all can be managed via the app.
It becomes very easy to keep a check in a very busy schedule where people tend to forget sometimes which can be eased more by combining this feature with push notifications to send reminders before an event.

3. Push Notifications

This is the most important feature and the fastest way to deliver information. This works well for announcements, scheduling changes, closures due to inclement weather, and top-down communication. According to a survey, the chances that the employees will see the push notifications is much greater than seeing the email.

4. Feedback

Feedbacks are very crucial and encourage improvement for any individual. Employees who feel heard are more likely to perform better. It tells an individual

what he/she is good at and what needs to be improved. Hence the quality of work improves which results in growth and betterment of the company.

5. File Management

Sometimes managing multiple important files becomes very tough, this feature will make it very easy for employees to manage their files directly from their smartphones. This feature makes it easy to safely store, share, collaborate, and access work-related files.

6. Training

This feature can help, train or give training, training information to new hires or interns. This even helps to keep a record of the completion of the employee onboarding and training process.
A structured and well-developed training process increases new hire productivity and even benefits the company.

7. Employee Directory

This feature helps the employees to interact easily and helps to find information such as mobile number, address, email, etc. Of their co-workers easily. This even builds a community within the organization.

More features like HR Service, employee wall community, Safety and Compliances, and Maps, etc. can be added on to increase the efficiency.

This will give you an overview and an inspiration about why a communication app is important and what all it should include.

Best Mobile App Developer in Ahmedabad